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Basic Training for Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime was organized on the CICA platform

From 29 November to 3 December, a training seminar for representatives of law enforcement agencies of the CICA Member States called “Basic Training for Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime” was held at the Turkish International Academy against Drugs and Organized Crime in Ankara. Specialists from Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Qatar and Russia took part in the training conducted by Turkish instructors.

The event was of special significance given that it was the first offline CICA event in a long time since the onset of the pandemic.

In his welcoming remarks to the participants of the training, Mr. Arkadii Koshcheev, a Senior Officer of the CICA Secretariat, stressed that the dialogue of law enforcement agencies is one of the most dynamic areas of interaction within CICA, and noted the steady interest of Member States in countering new challenges and threats, which was reflected in the updated Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures adopted at the 6th CICA Ministerial Meeting in October 2021.

During the training week, the delegates were briefed on the approaches of Turkish law enforcement officers to the fight against organized crime and had an opportunity to exchange their national experience in that area. The methods of countering corruption, economic and financial crimes were also discussed. Participants were particularly interested in the issues of combating telephone fraud, fight against production of counterfeit banknotes and anti-money laundering. Participants also enjoyed practical sessions on risk analysis and search techniques for vehicles and couriers in the context of the suppression of smuggling and drug trafficking.

In the near future, two more events on related topics will be held at the CICA headquarters: briefing on “Information Exchange on Scanning Systems, Use of Technical Equipment and Projects” (online, 15 December) and a training course for law enforcement officials on “Risk Analysis and Search Techniques” (Nur-Sultan, 20-24 December).