Press Releases

The evolving role of digitalization in the SME sector will be the theme of the CICA Business Council's plenary session

The CICA Business Council Board's session, held on 21 January 2022, adopted a decision to hold the next plenary session of the Business Council in June 2022.  It was also agreed that the plenary session would be devoted to the discussion of the growing need for digitalization of business processes in the SME sector and in the context of a pandemic in particular.   

In his address to the Board's session participants, Executive Director of CICA Ambassador K.Sarybay noted that 18 out of 38 events, held in the framework of CICA in 2021, relate to the Economic Dimension of CICA; this fact reflects an increasing demand for economic cooperation in times of the pandemic.  

The point was made that the Business Council's plenary session would  be held back-to-back with the CICA Business Forum, as it was in 2021. 

The BC Board members' attention was drawn to the requirements for hosting of the Business Council's and Business Forum's sessions, and financial/organizational aspects of the event; the request was made to сome up with proposals on the venue of the Business Council's and Business Forum's sessions.  

During the period from 2020-2022, the Business Council is chaired by the leadership of Kazakhstan's business community; the co-chairs from the Russian Federation, Thailand and Turkey provide their support in enhancing cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises in the CICA region. 

The session of the Business Council Board was attended by Acting Chairman of the Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan Mr. R.Tazhenov; Deputy Chair  of the BC Board from Turkey, Vice President of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization Mr. S.T.Sahin; Deputy Chair of the BC Board from Thailand, Member of the Board of the Federation of Thai Industries Mr. Yu.Silpsarnvitch; Acting Deputy Chair of the BC Board from the Russian Federation, representative from the Russian Corporation "SMEs" Ms. Y.Yegorova.