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Enhancing transparency and building confidence in military-political dimension were discussed at the annual СICA seminar

To promote military diplomacy and cooperation among Asian countries, the annual CICA military-political dimension development seminar was held on July 13-14, 2022. Traditionally organized by the Republic of Kazakhstan, the event was held at the National Defence University, named after the First President of Kazakhstan.

Defence officials and military attachés from Azerbaijan, Egypt, India, Iraq, Jordan, Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Turkey and UAE, participated in lengthy discussions on security, conflict prevention, de-escalation, and expanding cooperation between the Member States in the military-political dimension.

In his welcoming address, CICA Executive Director Ambassador Kairat Sarybay pointed out that CICA Member States' ultimate goal is to build a security and cooperation architecture in Asia based on the principles of international law, and transparency and mutual trust. The military-political dimension plays a crucial role in realizing this common aspiration of CICA leaders. The Executive Director also noted that confidence-building measures, which are essential for building security on the Asian continent, are implemented step-by-step and voluntarily.

Delegates also toured the Peacekeeping Training Center in Almaty and the infrastructure of the Defence Ministry's Peacekeeping Training Center, which trains troops for participation in peacekeeping operations.

The military-political dimension is one of the five main activities of the CICA. The CICA member States have developed ten specific confidence-building measures on the military-political dimension within the framework of the CICA Catalogue of Confidence-building Measures. This catalogue is a key document of the CICA, which reflects the collective views of the member States, as well as multilateral approaches to cooperation to ensure long-term stability on the Asian continent.