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Experts from the CICA Member States discuss opportunities to expand cooperation in tourism

Representatives of tourism departments of the CICA Member States held an online meeting on the development of cooperation in tourism hosted by the Republic of Tajikistan in collaboration with the CICA Secretariat on 26 October 2022.

The meeting chaired by Mr. Kamoliddin Muminzod, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Tajikistan, was attended by tourism experts from Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Iraq, Israel, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, and Türkiye. In his welcome remarks, the Deputy Chairman stressed that tourism was one of the important sectors of the economy and a regular dialogue among the experts would bring practical benefits to the CICA Member States.

The event was organized to strengthen and develop cooperation in the area of tourism among the CICA Member States. 

During the discussion, the meeting participants noted that the effective interaction would attract additional tourists to the CICA Member States, improve the economic situation of the countries, create new jobs, expand the market for local products, bring about conditions to encourage investment, revive the culture and traditions of the peoples, deepen cultural and economic relations between the countries, as well as improve the state of engineering and transport infrastructure in the regions.

Experts jointly reviewed the current state of the tourism industry, agreed to provide mutual assistance and support to this field to cope up with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and developed an action plan for further consideration at the meeting of the Heads of Departments of Tourism of the CICA Member States, which is scheduled to be held in November 2022.