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CICA Member States discuss green and low-carbon city development

The prospects for deepening cooperation among CICA Member States in the field of green and low-carbon development and promoting the establishment of city cooperation networks were discussed by experts and representatives of enterprises, research institutes and international organizations in the area of environment protection of CICA Member States. The seminar held on 31 October 2022 in online format provided a platform for the exchange of expert opinions and experience.

In her welcoming remarks, Deputy Head of the CICA Secretariat Ms. Chi Fang noted the special relevance of green and low-carbon development of Asian countries, recalling that the issue of decarbonization of the economy was raised at the last Sixth CICA Summit. In this regard, Ms. Chi Fang emphasized the importance of joining efforts to take urgent measures to form a green, healthy, safe and more sustainable economy.

Participants of the seminar exchanged experience on the use of environmentally friendly and low-carbon technologies, discussing further assistance in their use and promotion among CICA Member States.

The online seminar was organized by the People’s Republic of China, a co-coordinator in the priority area of “Environment Protection”. The event was attended by more than 100 representatives from Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Türkiye and Uzbekistan.