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Training for dog handlers and detection dogs held in Ankara

A CICA seminar for dog handlers and dogs trained to detect drugs, explosives and weapons, organized by the Directorate General of Customs of the Ministry of Trade of Türkiye, was held on 7-9 November in Ankara.

Forty-six officers, including three generals and six lieutenant colonels, representing law enforcement agencies from Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Russia, and Uzbekistan took part in the training.

The dog handlers were introduced to improved training techniques for dogs trained to detect drugs and weapons, depending on their specific tasks: searching indoors, outdoors, in vehicles, and among materials that emit distracting odors. The participants were shown the differences in training dogs to detect plant-based and synthetic drugs. 

In addition, the latest generation of remote control devices for dogs when working on a mined site were presented during the seminar.

The dog handlers have paid special attention to the development of physiological instincts in dogs, which eventually lead to the development of the animal's intelligence.

The participants were given recommendations on healthy dog nutrition, as well as were informed about a technique for training them to refuse food offered by strangers to distract them from their search.  

The event concluded by summarizing that every year, thanks to detection dogs, tons of drugs and weapons are found and destroyed around the globe.

CICA Officer Sh. Yelkeyeva, welcoming the participants on behalf of the Organization's Secretariat, thanked the Ministry of Trade of Türkiye for the informative training, which, she said, made a valuable contribution to providing real substance to the “New Challenges and Threats” dimension, coordinated by the Republic of Türkiye.