Press Releases

CICA: current operational issues and development prospects

Secretary General of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) Ambassador Kairat Sarybay visited the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies (KazISS) under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where he met with KazISS Director Yerkin Tukumov and the research team of this leading think tank in Kazakhstan.

Secretary General Kairat Sarybay delivered a lecture to the KazISS staff on CICA activities and its achievements during its 30-year history of development from a concept to a well-established and effective international forum.

Given the profile of the audience, the major emphasis was on accomplishments in the institutional development of CICA during the 2020-2022 Kazakh Chairmanship in CICA and the priorities for the coming biennium until 2024.

Yerkin Tukumov noted that throughout its history, comparable in time to that of CICA, KazISS had provided substantial support to the government authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to facilitate the development and strengthening of the Conference. In recent years, the expertise of KazISS has been significantly enhanced with the support of the Kazakh leadership, which provides new opportunities for using it to ensure further development of CICA and the implementation of priorities set by the Chairmanship.

KazISS representatives were particularly keen to learn about the opportunities for interaction between the Institute and the CICA Think Tank Forum (TTF). Possible forms and areas of engagement of KazISS in the TTF activity were considered.

Potential information and analytical interaction between the CICA Secretariat and KazISS as the leading think tank of the country chairing in CICA were also discussed.