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CICA Member States claim: renewable energy plays an important role in maintaining global energy security.

CICA Member States claim: renewable energy plays an important role in maintaining global energy security.

India as Coordinator of Confidence Building Measures in the area of Energy  Security held a training workshop on Renewable Energy for Energy Security for the  relevant CICA Member States’ subject matter experts on June 18, 2021.    

The event was organized by the Minister of External Affairs and the Ministry of New and Renewed Energy of the Republic of India.

During the work of the workshop, attended by 44 representatives of CICA Member States, it was emphasized that the renewable sources of energy may play a vital role in ensuring global sustainable development and energy security itself.  The share of the renewable sources is steadily growing globally due to the vigilance of the world community to the common need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The priority was endorsed by signing the Paris Agreement in December 2015. The cost reduction of renewable energy sources, in particular, the technology progress facilitated the whole process. 

India ranked 4th in the world in terms of its power generation capacity, and since 2017 the annual rate of increase in renewable energy capacity has exceeded the coal-fired power plant capacity. To accomplish its goals India has implemented several initiatives.

Over the course of the thematic sessions, the participants discussed the introduction of renewable energy sources by using the solar photovoltaic systems, onshore and offshore wind power stations, BioEnergy solutions, involving the use of liquid biofuel and power reactor waste. These sources may address both long-term and short-term energy demands.    

The participants discussed the matters related to nontangency, integration of networks and balancing in the electricity sector while expanding the use of renewable energy sources in transportation and other industries.

It was highlighted that international cooperation in such areas as hydrogen energy production and storage may significantly expand the scope of the sector and maintain a low-cost financing for renewable energy sources, especially in countries where the renewable energy source opportunities are limited.