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Global Warming Issues were discussed during the Seminar of CICA

An online seminar on “Environmental Management of the Effects of Climate Change and Global Warming on Coastal and Marine Biodiversity” was held on June 29, 2021.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Environment of the Islamic Republic of Iran organized the above event in the capacity of Coordinator of the Natural Disaster Management priority area in line with the CICA Plan on Implementation of Confidence Building Measures.

During the seminar, the scientists shared their research findings on the current state of global warming and the practical ways to conserve flora and fauna of the coastline along the Persian Gulf.

In his welcoming remarks, Deputy Head of the Department of Environment Mr. Ahmad Reza Lahijanzadeh briefed the participants on the causes and consequences of the climate change and the need to use the alternative sources of renewable energy.

In his turn, the representative of the UN Expert Group on assessment of the  marine environment state Professor from the Tarbiat Modares University Mehdi Ghodrati Shojaei guided the seminar participants through the role of coastal ecosystems in mitigating the impacts o

f climate change. In particular, Dr. M. Shojaei stressed an important role of mangrove forests and sea vegetation in contributing to the environment protection.

Professor from the Tehran University Reza Naderloo presented the current situation of the Persian Gulf and shared the relevant statistics.

60 representatives from environment institutions and organizations of China, Kazakhstan, Thailand, as well as ecologist scientists and experts of CICA Member States participated in the seminar.

In addition, the Islamic Republic of Iran plans to hold 5 events as Coordinator of the Natural Disaster Management and Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking priority areas in line with the CICA Plan on Implementation of Confidence Building Measures in 2021.