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CICA Discusses Tourism Recovery Methods in the Post-Pandemic Period

The Virtual B2B Interactive Session was held under the CICA economic dimension in order to enhance cooperation in the field of tourism among CICA Member States on 17 August 2021.

About 100 representatives from 24 CICA Member States and tourism organizations, as well as representatives of tourism-related institutions and agencies attended the event.

As a co-coordinator of confidence building measures in tourism and the host of the event, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka shared its experience on measures to support tourism in the post-pandemic period.

“Such events on the exchange of sector-specific knowledge and experience with CICA Member States represent a real opportunity to unite efforts and restore tourism in the post-pandemic period”, noted CICA Deputy Executive Director Ms. Chi Fang in her speech delivered at the event.

At the B2B Session, the participants shared best practices for the development of tourism.