Press Releases

Statement of the CICA Executive Director Ambassador Kairat Sarybay on the occasion of the voluntary contribution of the Kingdom of Thailand

 We are exceedingly grateful to the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand for their voluntary contribution to the CICA Secretariat. We recognize it not only as a financial support, but as an expression of the political will of Thailand to strengthen CICA’s capacity for a higher degree of interaction to ensure security and development on a continental and global scale.

Thailand, being an invaluable member of the CICA process, makes a great contribution to CICA activities in the capacity of the coordinator of Confidence Building Measure (CBM) on “Sustainable Development” and co-coordinator of CBM on “Development of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

We are particularly appreciative of CICA Member States – China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey – who have already made financial contributions in 2021. Voluntary contributions demonstrate the effectiveness of CICA for enhancing the pan-Asian security architecture, and that its activities are of keen interest among Member States.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I would like to thank Member States for their continued support to the CICA Secretariat’s work.