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Development of transport corridors for increased efficiency of economic cooperation among CICA Member States

Agencies and departments of the CICA Member States discussed modern approaches to the development of transport corridors at an online seminar held on 16 September 2021.

In her welcoming remarks, CICA Deputy Executive Director Chi Fang noted that CICA was a unique platform bringing together the largest countries located in Asia with huge high-tech and economic potential, providing an opportunity to exchange experience, develop common goals for infrastructure development, which would contribute to the economic recovery and close cooperation in the CICA spirit of unity and solidarity.

Seminar participants discussed measures to respond to new pandemic-related challenges in the transport sector and ways to optimize the transport processes in order to improve the quality of transportation and reduce transport costs.

As a result, the participants agreed to continue their interaction as part of joint events and exchange best practices in the field of transport.

The event was attended by representatives of transport organizations and institutions of the CICA Member States and held under the CICA economic dimension with the aim to enhance cooperation among the Member States.

The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the assistance of the CICA Secretariat.