Action Plan in the priority area of Combating Illicit Drugs for the period, 2016-2018




Member States of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA),

Recognising that Illicit drug trafficking is a global challenge and a shared responsibility which requires joint efforts to reduce production, trafficking and demand for drugs;

Noting the strong links between illicit drug trafficking and other forms of trans-national organised crime, including money laundering, as well as terrorism and financing of terrorism in the region and beyond; 

Considering resolutions of the UN General Assembly on international cooperation in solving the world drug problem and welcoming the UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/69/200 for “Convening a Special Session of the General Assembly During the year 2016 to counter the world drug problem”;

Noting the importance of goals enshrined in Almay Act, CICA Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), as well as the Concept Paper on Cooperation among CICA Member States in Combating Illicit Drug Production, Trafficking and Precursors adopted on 23 August 2008; and the necessity for their full implementation;

Aiming at strengthening further bilateral and multilateral regional cooperation amongst Member States as well as other regional and international mechanisms, to counter the world drug problem more effectively;

Welcoming pertinent activities and positive achievements of other regional and sub-regional organisations and forums in Asia and the Pacific aiming at promotion of further regional cooperation in countering the world drug problem;

Stressing that conflicts  not only have destabilising impact on social and economic situation in countries and region but also create conditions conducive to cultivation, production, trafficking and consumption of illicit drugs and complicate efforts on counter-narcotics; 

Noting that training courses, regional meetings as well as seminars with active participation of policy makers, law enforcement agencies, civil society and other stakeholders together with other appropriate measures will contribute to the full realisation of the Plan of Action, exchange of intelligence and technical information, data analysis, experience sharing, promotion of best practices and stimulate resource mobilisation and national capacity building measures;

Noting with appreciation the positive role and activities of the UNODC in strengthening cooperation amongst international institutions and organisations in combating world drug problem more effectively; 

Calling for coordination of counter-narcotic efforts among CICA Member States;  

Have agreed to the following for strengthening cooperation on combating illicit drugs:

To actively contribute to the full implementation of the Action Plan, participate in programmes and furnish promotional and pertinent material to the relevant CICA coordinator, event organiser, as well the CICA Secretariat.  The Secretariat will establish a database for data collection that could be easily accessed and updated by the Member States as well. 

Member States are encouraged to disseminate information on existing and planned national training programmes in counter-narcotics and provide opportunities to representatives of CICA Member States to participate in these training programmes. Member States may also consider organising training programmes exclusively for the relevant experts/officials of law enforcement agencies of the CICA Member States.  

Member States have also agreed to organise events on following subjects during the period 2016-2018. All events will be subject to CICA Rules of Procedure.

  • Treatment and rehabilitation

(i)                  Seminar on comprehensive aid to drug addicts, including treatment, rehabilitation  

and re-socialisation – challenges and opportunities ahead;

Member States will be encouraged to implement, where appropriate, scientific evidence based treatment programmes to gather detailed information on strategy of comprehensive aid to drug addicts and provide other Member States, upon request, with guidance and assistance in developing strategies and programmes to replicate those successful experiences. Innovative treatment schemes for mental and behavioural disorders associated with the use of “new” psychotropic substances may also be covered in the seminar.

Seminar is intended to promote and disseminate expertise and specialised knowledge amongst relevant experts from member States of the CICA, encourage sharing of experiences and best practices on comprehensive aid to drug addicts including treatment and rehabilitation; evaluate achievements and exchange views on future plans and programmes.

Possible side-events: Exhibition of a collection of CICA achievements on comprehensive aid to drug addicts

[Suggested period: First quarter of 2016] 

(ii)    Training courses, for concerned persons in the field, in advanced, successful treatment of drug addicts

[Suggested period: First quarter of 2017]

  • Prevention

(i)              Educational workshop to train experts and other groups such as students, parents or civil servants on prevention of drug abuse (elementary stage)

Proposed syllabus: Elaboration of goals & activities, psychological health issues of teenagers and youth, conceptual and ecological aspects of consumption and addiction to drugs and psychotropic substances, side-effects of drug addiction, inspirational and stimulating factors and foregrounds of drug consumption, risk factors, supportive measures, basic principles of prevention, best practices and strategies of prevention, exchange of views, summation and evaluation. Different themes and contents could be arranged for each group in the format of roundtables.

[Suggested period: Third quarter of 2016] 

(ii)                 Seminar/training of trainers on issues assessing the opportunities at the national level involving the experts on drug abuse prevention policy

[Suggested period: Third quarter of 2017]

(iii)               Seminar on demand reduction policies of CICA member states

Main themes: Comparative analysis of demand reduction strategies, analysing state policies to reduce the demand, developing CICA strategy/mechanism to reduce the demand.

[Suggested period: Last quarter of 2017] 

(iv)          Seminar on information and prevention on harm of drugs through TV, radio and print mass media    

[Suggested period: 2016-18]

  • Countering production and trafficking of illicit drugs and precursors

(i)                  Workshop/training programme on techniques of drug and precursors  detection from vehicles, inside human body or other spaces

[Suggested period: Second quarter of 2017]

(ii)                 Workshop on sharing of experiences on counter-drug operations by law enforcement agencies

Main themes: Data analysis, law enforcement operations, counter-drug measures (identification and arrest), border control (measures and techniques), presentation of best practices, evaluation of national capacities and equipments of Member States, designation of cooperation areas for the future.

[Suggested period: Second quarter of 2016]

(iii)               Training course on different types of drugs from precursors and synthetics to illicit production, diversion and trafficking of opiate and other plant-based drugs

[Suggested period: First quarter of 2018]

(iv)               Workshop on the activity of criminal groups involved in production and trafficking of illicit drugs and precursors in the CICA region

Main themes: Identifying criminal groups/networks engaged in cultivation of drugs as well as groups engaged in trafficking of drugs and precursors; identifying geographical areas of operations of these groups; developing effective, coordinated and comprehensive strategy to dismantle those groups. 

[Suggested period: Second quarter of 2018]

(v)                 Seminar on sharing of experiences and best practices in carrying out controlled delivery operations by law enforcement agencies including intelligence services

[Suggested period: Third quarter of 2018]

(vi)               Workshop/seminar on Precursors 

Main themes: What are precursors and why are they important for producing narcotics; how precursors are smuggled; transit routes; developing strategy to fight production, smuggling and transiting precursors.

[Suggested period: Last quarter of 2018]

(vii)              Combating drug trafficking through internet, websites and social networks

   [Suggested period: 2016-18]

  • Activities of Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society

(i)   Conference of NGOs, Civil Society stakeholdersand religious leaders on demand reduction & side effects of illicit drug consumption in Member States.

[Suggested period: Second half of 2016] 

(ii)            Conference/Seminar on investment in alternative agricultural crops: the businesses could be encouraged to identify and invest in crops which can be substitute to drug cultivation.

[Suggested period: First half of 2017]

(iii)           Seminar/workshop on public awareness campaigns in Member States in coordination with the relevant stakeholders

[Suggested period: Last quarter of 2016]