CICA Industrial Poverty Alleviation Model Exchange and Training Workshop (online), 25-26 October 2021

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More than 100 representatives from 14 CICA Member States: Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam gathered for a two-day CICA online seminar “Industrial Poverty Alleviation Models” organized by the People’s Republic of China as a coordinator of confidence building measures in the priority area of “agriculture” on 25 – 26 October 2021. Experts from Bangladesh, China, Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, and the representatives of the World Bank, UNDP, and IFAD attended the event.

During the seminar, 20 presentations for industrial poverty alleviation mechanisms were made, including for accelerated industrialization of remote rural areas, promotion of creation of new jobs, as well as implementation of large-scale transport, logistics and infrastructure projects connecting large industrial centers with the regions, promoting greater mobility of the population, improving the quality of human resources, and infrastructural connectivity.

CICA Deputy Executive Director Ms. Chi Fang, who addressed the participants of the seminar with a welcoming speech, thanked the organizers of the event - the Agricultural Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Center for International Agricultural Research of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for their contribution to implementation of CICA confidence building measures.

The event is aimed at creating an effective platform for an academic and research exchange and cooperation in the field of industrial poverty reduction among CICA Member States, increased exchange on industrial development models for poverty alleviation, and development of mechanisms for assessing its reduction.