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Statement by the CICA Secretary General on the occasion of contribution to the Secretariat’s budget by the Republic of Korea

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome H.E. Mr. Cho Tae-ick, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the Headquarters of the CICA Secretariat. Today we mark another voluntary contribution by the Republic of Korea.

South Korea has been making regular financial contributions to the Secretariat’s budget since 2006 and for that me and all my colleagues at the Secretariat are very much grateful to your government,
Your Excellency.

In 2023 CICA has been working hard to implement the historic decisions of the Sixth CICA Summit, including on the launch of CICA transformation. CICA Member States have been elaborating on details and necessary measures for transformation process and adopted the Roadmap for CICA transformation. I appreciate the constructive approach by the Republic of Korea and its support to the CICA transformation in general. We look forward to Korea’s active participation in the upcoming discussions on each of 8 clusters of the Roadmap.

Furthermore, South Korea has been closely involved in the implementation of Confidence building measures in its capacity as coordinator in priority areas of Information Technology and Energy Security, including through timely update of relevant concept papers and action plans. I look forward to specific proposals by the RoK on the implementation of CBMs in those areas for 2024.

I count on Korea’s readiness to further promote the CICA process, positively engage with the Secretariat and other Member States for the benefit, peace and prosperity of Asia.

I thank you, Ambassador.

CICA Secretariat, 20 December 2023