Training course "Treatment and harm reduction caused by drug addiction" (online), 4 August 2021


Iran presented the results of new studies on the treatment of drug addiction.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, in its capacity as a Coordinator of confidence building measures in the area of “Combating Illicit Drugs”, held a training course for the CICA Member States on 4 August 2021. Iranian scientists presented the effects of administering new medications and the ways that are being used for the treatment of drug addiction.    

The training course was divided into 6 thematic sessions: “Epidemiology and main principles of drug dependence treatment”, “Etiology and principles of neurobiology for treatment of drug use disorders”, “Pharmaceutical interventions for treatment of drug addiction”, “Non-drug treatment of drug addiction”, “Special aspects of treating drug addicted children and teenagers”, “Principles of dealing with a drug overdose and the process of recovery”.  

In addition, the effects of the new generation medications, which are being tested on animals, were presented during the training course.  

The ways of electrical stimulation of certain parts of brain responsible for the release of dopamine that plays an active role in overcoming compensatory mechanism of a drug addicted were presented as the prospects for the way forward.  

The course was attended by 36 researchers and medical personnel from 10 CICA Member States; the participants shared the results of their studies and practices in treating the drug dependent patients during the discussion.

It was noted that the drug dependence is as a matter of fact the consequence of troubled social environment and has a direct link to unemployment, troubled family settings, psychic and mental disorders.    

The training course has become the valuable contribution of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the work of researchers, medical personnel who combat the problem of drug addiction.