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Remarks of the CICA Secretary General Ambassador Kairat Sarybay at the panel “The Global Security Initiative: Addressing Security Challenges and Promoting World Peace” at the Boao Forum for Asia 2024

Distinguished participants, delegates, Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me express my sincere appreciation to the host of the Forum for the outstanding organization and for inviting me to participate and address such a distinguished audience.

The escalating rivalry among global powers has led to a surge in conflicts worldwide, and Asia has not been spared from these turbulent processes. In the current circumstances of geopolitical fracture and new dividing lines, multilateralism and inclusiveness stand as the only viable pathways towards ensuring peace and stability.

During these challenging times, the Global Security Initiative (GSI), put forward by President Xi Jinping of China, is of particular importance.

The six core concepts and principles as well as twenty priorities of cooperation reflected in the Global Security Initiative offer a compelling and realistic framework for resolving disputes between nations through peaceful dialogue. In this regard, it is worth noting that trust, mutual respect and dialogue form the bedrock upon which the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) was founded and developed.

I consider the GSI in the context of the rapidly increasing role of Asia on the global stage. Now, China, as well as a number of Asian states, are actively engaging in peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts, and the potential of CICA could be harnessed for this purpose as well. Notably, the GSI recognizes CICA as an instrument for Asian and global security, among other platforms and mechanisms.

Nowadays, it is important to solve problems in a multilateral framework on the basis of international law. Adherence to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter must remain steadfast. Today, CICA unites 28 states covering more than 90 percent of Asia, stretching from the Pacific to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

CICA has adopted the broadest understanding by the Member States of common, comprehensive, cooperative, sustainable, indivisible and equal security. Any country seeking its own security must take into account the security concerns of other countries.

As a unique consensus-based multilateral platform, CICA provides equal opportunities for its members with varying political, economic and socio-cultural backgrounds to jointly discuss ideas, share knowledge and best practices, collaborate on initiatives and make decisions based on mutual consent.

CICA and the Global Security Initiative share similarities in several key aspects:

First, emphasis on regional cooperation and dialogue in addressing security challenges. CICA is a multilateral forum focused on promoting peace, security and stability in the region through confidence building measures and dialogue, as well as transparency and mutual trust based on the principles of the UN Charter.

Second, priority of inclusivity by welcoming the participation of all relevant stakeholders. CICA includes Member States, Observer States and international organizations, fostering interaction and cooperation among diverse actors.

Third, upholding the principles of multilateralism and respect for international law.

Finally, peaceful conflict resolution and dialogue as essential tools for addressing regional security challenges. CICA promotes confidence building measures and peaceful settlement of disputes among its Member States.

Dear participants,

Presently, we are witnessing a severe escalation of violence in West Asia. It is indeed regrettable to see the significant loss of civilian lives and the profound suffering among the innocent population in the Gaza Strip and beyond. The disregard for the lives of civilians, the lack of priority for humanitarian issues, the indiscriminate use of weapons, hostage-taking tactics, as well as attempts to resolve long-standing political problems through force are utterly unacceptable. Such acts of violence only create a vicious cycle of destruction.

Indeed, the overwhelming majority of CICA Member States, including China, are calling for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid for suffering regions, with the two-state solution as a fundamental way forward.

Chinese peacekeeping efforts in terms of international relations play a crucial role in the global context, for instance, the successful mediation of China in improving relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia and efforts in stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan and Myanmar in accordance with international law.

It is worth mentioning, that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has been active and committed in the participation of UN peacekeeping operations with one of the largest numbers of peacekeeping troops.

Dear participants, Since its inception, CICA's primary focus has been on confidence building measures (CBMs) across five dimensions: military-political, economic, environmental, human, and new challenges and threats.

The CICA Catalogue of CBMs is a unique document for the Asian region and a historic document for international diplomacy that was approved in 2004 and substantially updated in 2021 at the last Ministerial Council meeting.

In this document, the Member States agreed on joint approaches to interaction in order to build confidence by upholding the “simple-to-complex” principle – first building confidence, then establishing full-fledged cooperation that leads to greater mutual security, which, in turn, is the prerequisite for sustainable development.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We live in an era of constantly evolving global security risks and threats. Asia, home to 60 percent of the world's population, is the most challenging continent in this context. These risks have various root causes and manifestations, and we have no choice but to collectively solve all security challenges through multilateral mechanisms, employing our traditional Asian values of prudence, tolerance, and moderation.

I am confident that the future of international security lies in multilateral diplomacy. Only the strengthening of genuine multilateralism based on confidence building measures can provide an adequate response to the challenges of our time and show the transition from competition to cooperation.

I strongly believe that the synergy between CICA objectives and GSI goals can foster a safer, more prosperous and interconnected world by addressing common challenges through collective action and dialogue.

Thank you for your attention.