Press Releases

CICA Special Working Group discusses Organization's work plan for 2023

The regular meeting of the CICA Special Working Group (SWG) chaired by Kazakhstan was held online on 12 December 2022 at the headquarters of the Organization's Secretariat. As part of the meeting agenda, participants considered drafts of two concept paper on cooperation among the CICA Member States in tourism and agriculture, the annual CICA Plan of Implementation of Confidence Building Measures, the Secretariat's budget for 2023, and the Secretariat's staff matrix.

Following the discussions, the SWG agreed on the drafts of the above two concept papers and the budget for the next year for approval by the Senior Officials Committee (SOC), which will meet online on 14 December.

As proposed by the CICA Secretary General, the SWG also recommended that the SOC decide on an external audit of the Secretariat's financial activities from September 2020 to 31 December 2022.

Following the discussion of the staff matrix, it was recommended to the Senior Officials Committee that the position of Deputy Executive Director be renamed Deputy Secretary General of CICA in connection with the decision of the Sixth Summit to establish the position of CICA Secretary General.

The CICA Plan of CBMs for 2023, as well as the staff matrix were submitted for the SOC’s consideration with a number of recommendations.