Project Review Committee of the CICA Fund

On 13 October 2022, the Sixth CICA Summit held in Astana established the CICA Fund and adopted the regulations of the CICA Fund in order to support the implementation of CICA projects. It is a special fund established to mobilize voluntary financial contributions for the practical realization of confidence building measures in the Member States.

The purpose of the CICA Fund is to identify potential projects, make available additional resources, and finance project activities to assist in the implementation of projects.

The operation of the Fund is carried out in accordance with the principles of transparency, voluntariness, consensus and accountability to the Member States. The funds are used exclusively to finance activities and projects which are consistent with the CICA goals and principles outlined in the Declaration on the Principles Guiding Relations Between the CICA Member States of 1999 and the Almaty Act of 2002.

The activities under the Fund include projects developed by Member States in pursuing developmental goals, projects carried out as part of practical implementation of CICA confidence building measures as contained in the CICA Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), organization of CBM events in the form of meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, round tables, training research, analysis and humanitarian assistance, among others. The funds are sourced by means of voluntary contributions from Member States and their national agencies; Observer States, other non-member states, Observer Organizations, Partner Organizations, international organizations and forums, international non-governmental organizations, national and international financial institutions and development agencies, legal entities and individuals.

The projects are assessed, reviewed and approved by the Project Review Committee (PRC) on the basis of consensus. The PRC consists of official representatives with relevant expertise from all Member States. Responsibility for ensuring the due implementation of projects financed from the Fund rest with the beneficiary Member State. The periodic reporting by the implementing states/agencies is ensured during the course of the implementation of projects. External audits of the Fund are conducted as necessary or at least once in two years. The regulations of the CICA Fund is the guiding document for the acceptance of funds, identification and implementation of CICA projects.