Press Releases

CICA Special Working Group supports draft Road Map for Transformation

The first 2023 meeting of the Special Working Group (SWG) of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) was held online on 16 May.

The event mainly focused on the discussion of the draft Road Map for CICA Transformation (RMT), which started at the Senior Officials Committee (SOC) meeting on 19 April.

The draft RMT consists of several clusters, individual thematic areas of transformation, and involves parallel streams of work under them.

Following the meeting, the SWG supported in principle the content of the draft RMT as a basis for further work.

The Working Group also initiated a discussion on the CICA Secretary General's proposals for further improving the modalities for the implementation of confidence building measures.

The next SWG meeting will take place offline in Astana on 13 June 2023.