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CICA Experience Exchange Seminar on Biodiversity Conservation.

On November 17-18, 2020, China Center for SCO Environmental Cooperation together with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China hosted an online event "CICA Experience Exchange Seminar on Biodiversity Conservation" in the framework of the implementation of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in environmental dimension.

The Deputy Executive Director of the CICA Secretariat, Ms. Chi Fang, participated in the opening ceremony of the Seminar. During her welcoming remarks, she noted the relevance of the topic, proposed by the organizers of the event; and commended the Government of People's Republic of China for continuous support of the CICA process and active work in the capacity of co-coordinator for implementing CBMs in environmental dimension.

Experts of the relevant ministries, agencies and research institutes from 12 CICA Member States and representatives of 4 international organizations on ecology participated at the seminar. During the event, there was exchange of experiences, including the presentation of information on the legal framework for the activities of the Conservancies. Experts also made presentations about practical measures on ecological conservation addressed in their states.

Experts’ reports which addressed the state programs and event on conservation of the ecosystem under the continuous technological influence were of interest for the participants.

On the outcomes of the seminar, participants thanked organizers for the creation of the live-work atmosphere of discussions and highly appreciated the measures taken by China in ecology.

 (Ms. Chi Fang speech)