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Iran hosts CICA webinar on innovative methods for treating drug use disorders


Specialists from CICA Member States involved in the treatment of addiction to narcotic drugs such as physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists gathered on Monday 11 December 2023 to participate in the Third Online Training Course on the Treatment of Addiction to Drug and Drug Harm Reduction «Psychological Interventions in Drug Use Disorders Treatment», organized by The Drug Control Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

            The event, organized under the priority area of “Combating illicit drugs” within CICA’s New Challenges and Threats Dimension of Interaction, facilitated in-depth discussions on new plans and strategies for treatment of various types of drug addiction. Participants discussed how methods such as motivational interviewing and group therapy can help people with substance use disorders. They also highlighted how cognitive behavioral therapy and conditioning can help prevent relapses in patients.

            CICA acknowledges the importance of exchange on measures to curb illicit drug trafficking which is a global challenge and a shared responsibility that requires both joint efforts to reduce production, trafficking and demand for drugs, as well as innovative and effective treatment methods to support people adversely affected by these drugs.



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