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CICA Secretary General explores potential collaboration with UN Resident Coordinators in the CICA region

Astana, 22 January 2024 – Ambassador Kairat Sarybay, Secretary General of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA), conducted an online meeting with United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinators operating in the CICA region.

In his address, the CICA Secretary General underscored the importance of coordinating and amplifying multilateral efforts in Asia to advance the regional and global agenda. He expressed the CICA Secretariat's keen interest in leveraging the UN's extensive experience and expertise in capacity-building, reinforcing the commitment to shared goals.

The Secretary General provided insights into two major gatherings set to take place in Astana, illustrating CICA's aspiration to contribute to volunteerism, particularly among youth, and environmental stewardship.

The first highlight is the upcoming Rally of the Volunteer Movement Leaders of the CICA Countries under the auspices of the CICA Youth Council scheduled for May. The Rally is expected to bring together ministers responsible for volunteerism and youth policies to foster collaboration and exchange among the vibrant and dynamic youth communities across the region.

Ambassador Sarybay also shared details about the CICA Ministerial Conference on Environmental Issues. Set for August 2024 in Astana, this conference underscores CICA's commitment to addressing environmental challenges collectively.

Additionally, he briefed the UN representatives on the operationalization of the CICA Fund, a crucial initiative designed to offer practical assistance to Member States.

The UN Resident Coordinators, spanning four continents, shared their perspectives on potential areas for building partnerships with CICA to effectively contribute to the achievement of SDGs in the region. They recommended combining efforts between CICA and the UN to advance shared issues on their agendas and stressed collaboration in digitalization, particularly crucial for landlocked countries like Mongolia.

UN representatives praised CICA's commitment to multilateral solutions and invited the Secretary General to contact and further develop working relations with UN Resident Coordinators within the CICA region. They also highlighted possibilities for CICA-UN cooperation on the Global Digital Compact, youth, and environment, especially in the framework of the UN Summit of the Future.

Ambassador Kairat Sarybay, in response, welcomed the insights and views of the UN Resident Coordinators. He reiterated CICA's willingness to fostering cooperation on shared objectives, particularly in the context of the SDGs. The Secretary General concluded by highlighting the significance of aligning efforts to promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability in Asia.

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