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The second expert meeting on environmental issues sets stage for CICA Ministerial Conference

19 February 2024 — Astana — The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan, with the support of the CICA Secretariat, hosted the second expert meeting, marking a significant step in preparations for the upcoming CICA Ministerial Conference on Environmental Issues scheduled for 28 August 2024 in Astana.  

During the expert meeting, delegates delved into the outcome document of the forthcoming conference, carefully analyzing its key components. The collaborative spirit of the CICA Member States was evident throughout, fostering a successful and constructive dialogue among the experts.

As the journey to the CICA Ministerial Conference in Environmental Issues progresses, Kazakhstan's Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources remains committed to environmental cooperation across Asia. The collaborative efforts showcased during the expert meeting underscore the shared vision for a more environmentally conscious and sustainable Asia. The series of expert meetings is planned to continue regarding the development of a unique outcome document for the CICA Member States.

The Ministerial Conference, initiated by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, at the Sixth CICA Summit in October 2022, represents a significant milestone in environmental cooperation in the CICA region.



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