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CICA Secretary General and OSCE Academy Director discuss enhancing regional cooperation

5 April 2024 – Astana, Kazakhstan - CICA Secretary General Ambassador Kairat Sarybay hosted a meeting with the Director of the OSCE Academy, Dr. Kate E. Walker, at the CICA headquarters. The meeting was aimed at exchanging insights on academic and analytical support for regional multilateral mechanisms and exploring avenues for potential collaboration.

Ambassador Kairat Sarybay provided a comprehensive overview of CICA's evolution, tracing its trajectory from inception to its ongoing transformation process. He emphasized the organization's adaptability in tandem with Asia's increasing influence on global affairs. Ambassador Sarybay also underscored the significance Member States attribute to CICA, particularly amidst regional and global peace and security challenges.

Discussions revolved around potential areas of synergy, notably focusing on climate change issues, as well as the growing roles of CICA bodies such as the Youth Council and Think Tank Forum. The conversation also encompassed the human dimension and capacity-building initiatives for both the CICA Secretariat and students of the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.

Both parties expressed mutual commitment to maintaining communication channels to delineate specific areas for future cooperation.

This meeting marks a pivotal step toward fostering enhanced collaboration between the CICA Secretariat and the OSCE, reflecting a shared commitment to bolstering regional stability and prosperity.