New Challenges and Threats Dimension


According to Cooperative Approach for the Implementation of the CICA CBMs, Member States have specified the following priorities for cooperation in the area of new challenges and threats :

  1. Exchange of information on measures among Member States on fighting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations as well as prevention of the activities of separatist and extremist organizations and organized crime groups linked closely to them.
  2.  Exchanging information on the measures the Member States have taken to curb illicit drug trafficking, human smuggling and trafficking, illegal migration, money laundering, trans-boundary organized crime, illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, including Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) as well as smuggling of explosives and poisonous materials.
  3.  Exchanging information, assisting in establishing and strengthening cooperation and contacts between relevant authorities of the  Member States in the area of fighting the economic and cyber crimes.
  4.  Promoting law enforcement cooperation and exchange of information on legal, judicial and criminal matters.
  5.  Sharing of experience and strengthening cooperation to cope with the emerging infectious diseases and epidemics.


Priority areas:


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