Human Dimension

According to the updated CICA Catalogue, Member States have specified the following priorities for cooperation in human dimension:

  1.  Promotion of dialogue among civilizations, cultures and religions; while taking into consideration the views and recommendations stated in the report of the UN High Level Group of “Alliance of Civilizations” on November 13th, 2006.
  2.  Encouragement of national information agencies and mass-media for the promotion of CBMs in all agreed dimensions of CICA.
  3.  Promoting cultural exchange and cooperation through cultural activities and promotion of awareness and dissemination of information on   peoples and different cultures in the CICA area with a view to encouraging tolerance and understanding.
  4.  Promoting people-to-people contacts including exchanges among scientific, educational and sports institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations; and developing projects concerning, inter alia, scientific cooperation, exchange of students and joint events.
  5.  Organization of joint archeological expeditions for unearthing the common cultural heritage. 
  6.  Promotion of respect for fundamental rights and freedoms.

Coordinator: Uzbekistan Flag Uzbekistan

Co-coordinator: China Flag China, India Flag India, Kazakhstan Flag Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Flag Kyrgyzstan