Economic Dimension

According to the updated CICA Catalogue, Member States have specified the following priorities for cooperation in economic area:

  1.  Cooperation to promote various modes of transport linkages.
  2.  Cooperation for the development of secure and effective systems of transportation corridors.
  3.  Taking necessary steps to ensure energy security cooperation in the CICA region, including development of and enhancing efficiency and safety of the routes and security of supply of energy.
  4.  Widening of cooperation in the sphere of tourism, by exchanging information in this field and encouraging contacts between tourism organizations of the Member States.
  5.  Visa facilitation including expeditious business visas in order to enhance trade and investment relations among the Member  States. 
  6.  Widening of cooperation among financial sectors.
  7.  Promoting business opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
  8.  Expanding investment opportunities and cooperation
  9.  Encouraging cooperation in the field of communications and information technology.
  10.  Establishing a common database on trade and other areas of economic interest.


Priority areas: